Plasmolifting PRP Tubes
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Plasmolifting PRP Tubes
Plasmolifting is a modern cosmetology technique by which the effect of skin rejuvenation is achieved by injecting the patient's own plasma. Plasma is the liquid part of blood. Using your own plasma eliminates incompatibility problems and minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.
Our website offers, among other things, the so-called PRP-Tubes for the production of platelet-rich plasma (PRP).
Plasmolifting: the essence of the method.
Plasmolifting stimulates natural regeneration processes in problem tissues. This is achieved by introducing platelet-rich plasma into them. Platelets provide blood clotting, this is their main function. However, later scientists found out that platelets have another function: they not only participate in the creation of blood clots (blood clots) that prevent bleeding, but also produce substances that promote the healing of damaged tissues. It is this property of platelets that allows you to get a therapeutic effect from the plasmolifting procedure.
Plasmolifting accelerates regeneration processes (restoration of the lost tissue structure). After the plasmolifting procedure, the skin tightens, its hydration and elasticity increases.
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