League of Legends: How Ranking System Works
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Oct 2021 | 4 Mens.
League of Legends: How Ranking System Works
League of Legends (lol) is one of the most popular games in the MOB genre. Developers from Riot Games constantly delight fans with new champions (heroes) with unique abilities and a fascinating story. At the moment there are 140 characters in LoL, divided into 6 classes. Among them there are both difficult heroes for experienced gamers, and easy ones designed for beginners.
Serafina is one of the last champions to appear in LoL. She has incredible power, is able to hear the hearts of other people. She managed to turn chaos into a symphony, the world itself sings to her and she responds to it.
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Serafina shows herself well during battles on different maps. Her skills literally interact with each other. This champion can perfectly cope with the role of support both on the middle and on the bottom line. The peculiarity of Serafina is that her skills are easy to use and understandable even for those who first launched League of Legends. If you haven't mastered this game yet, choose Serafina to be as useful to your team as possible.
Garren is a classic fantasy paladin. He is clad in shining armor, follows the path of righteousness, and possesses an unbreakable morality. Garren is also an excellent swordsman. This huge, strong and persistent warrior is a model of Demasia's power and morality.
Garren is considered one of the easiest champions in LoL. To effectively play for this warrior, always rush into the thick of the battle, and then quickly retreat and restore health. Repeat these actions until the enemy has little HP left, then finish him off with your sword.
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